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Quick Financial Feasibility Calculator

Identifying the need of quick and reliable tool to predict the feasibility of a project concept, Archedium offers a simple feasibility calculator. This is a Great rule of thumb program to calculate financial feasibility of your project. Instant calculation of the Rate of Return and the Payback Period of the project helps you quickly identify the feasibility of a project and determine where the critical financial adjustments are required.Click Here to Download now Free of charge!


Archedium design SL GREEN Platinum buildings, and encourage sustainable practices within our operations and designs. Archedium continually engage clients, employees, and the public in a positive and creative manner to meet the challenge of comprehensive environmental responsibility.

Worlds first Platinum rated Satellite control center

 Archedium designs the first ever GREEN Platinum rated Satellite Earth Station and Astronauts Training Center for SupremeSAT (Private) Limited. When completed the entire operation will run on net zero green energy generated by the project itslef.

First GREEN rated Mall in Sri Lanka

 Proposed mixed development at Nawala road, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka designed by Architect Nirodha GunadasaArchedium designs the first SL GREEN rated multi storied shopping mall at Kotte funded by the Government.The 32 storied mixed development will be the tallest tower in Sri Lanka ever built outside the Colombo metropolitan region.

The project includes green power generation, waste recycling and sustainable water management systems.

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Lead architectural services

From working on large multidisciplinary projects, Archedium has developed its design team leadership service. When Archedium provides lead architectural services they are always delivered by a multidisciplinary team committed to creating integrated designs, with sustainable outcomes being a key driver in design and execution.

Collaborative technical specialist architecture

Archedium has expert capacity in tackling large and complex engineering and design challenges, and certain building types benefit from the attention of designers with specific skills. With its comprehensive offering of advanced skills and multidisciplinary teams, Archedium is uniquely well-placed to collaboratively design technically-demanding and primarily functional buildings.


 Archedium expertise spans from Urban design and planning, Building and landscape architecture, Infrastructure design, Economic planning, Management consulting Engineering, Real estate analysis to Green design consultancy services.

We have organized these services to ensure a holistic approach to creating innovative, responsive, and intelligent solutions for our clients in both the public and private sectors. The collaborative nature of our practice allows the firm to effectively address the complexities inherent in the development of sustainable environments.

Archedium consists a network of consultants with expert knowledge and talents in many unique fields of architecture, master planning, engineering and management. Archedium has the ability to compose the right team for the best match for your business strategy and objectives that would generate the best design outfit for the project.

  Archedium Company Profile. Nirodha Gunadasa    

Holistic design approach

With experience in the formation of Strong Design Concept for a project, Archedium team are experts to ask the right question from you and determine the right generators to form the base of your project.

Founded with a deep concern for the built environment and the desire to create architecture of excellence, Archedium aims to enrich the human experience and spirit through its planning and architectural works. Archedium provide total consortium design services to your project required from very inception to the completion.


Guide to initiate your project

Concept Design is the concretization of Concept Ideas. It terns the ideas into plans, sections and visual images that leads to parametric quantification of thoughts. Identifying the parameters of floor area, rentable space etc. leads to a proper feasibility study that helps the developer make firm decisions on the project with confidence.

Confidence of the developer on the critical aspects of a project such as marketability, project risks and financial feasibility is the key important factor to give a startup to a project. Parametric analysis always leads to an approximate quantification of the identified critical aspects of the project. Giving a quantifiable physical form to a project idea is called the concretization of the idea.

Concretization at the early stages of a project helps identify the potentials and disadvantages of the project in quantifiable terms of time, risk and money.

Your idea for your next development project can be an extraordinary one. It is critically important to identify the right design solution for your vision that with no doubt is financially feasible and technically viable. An out of the box business model deserves the spirit of a highly creative design concept to reveal its true potential. Ability to find the right design outfit that supports your vision determines whether it starts a journey to a success or does it go to the trash.



Identification of the best design outfit to the project that generates correct proportion of saleable space, marketability, project phasing out and the project cash flow is the foundation for a successful project. The eccentricity and the uniqueness of your project should be first identified and then exploited in the formation of core ideas and base decisions of the project initiation.

If the Design Concepts of the project is not firm and the key generators of the project base are not clear, the ultimate project will always end up as an outcome of a chaos of ideas that are competitive and contradictory to each other. Uncertainty and vagueness of Design Concept can generate only a typical monotonous prototype as the final product.

Completion of a project with its own identical uniqueness totally depends on the firmness of its root concept and the determination to carry out the concept through each and every stage of development up to completion, unchanged.

Exploitation of creativity, proper analysis of the potentials of the project concepts as well as the location, critical analysis of site and the user and consideration of number of Architectural design options leads to the generation of the Firm Architecture Base for a project that leads developer to the detailing and scoping of the project with confidence.